Meet the team behind Watch My Wedding


Tessa is the creative of the team, and provides content for our website, brochures, events and lots more.


Watch My Wedding all started with Adam. He developed the software that runs our Streaming Units, and still works on improving them based on customer requests.

How we started

Watch My Wedding started when the business founders (Adam Langley and Tessa Read) decided to get married. With the wedding located in their home city of Auckland, New Zealand, it meant that much of Tessa’s family (spread across Australia and Europe) would miss out on the big day.

After researching all the live-streaming options available at the time, Adam decided that none were simple enough (for both the person setting it up and the person watching from home), nor reliable enough for this special occasion. That’s where Adam’s skills in electronics and software development came into their own. He created a portable camera and live-streaming device that could wirelessly broadcast the wedding ceremony to a private webpage, where it could be viewed on any kind of device without the need for software downloads or account setups.

Adam and Tessa now hire these units to other couples wanting to share their big day with overseas friends and family with the help of our Sales Team.

Adam + Tessa's wedding