We believe in total transparency of our service so it’s important to share with you what can go wrong when live-streaming your big day.

While every effort is made to ensure the live-stream of your wedding ceremony runs perfectly, sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Here are just a few examples of what can go wrong, and how we go about rectifying the situation:

Total loss of Network Coverage
Our Live-Stream equipment has 3 on-board data connections so it works even in extremely remote locations, as long as there is at least one data network available. If there is no network coverage, or if the network/s fail on the day; there is no way for us to get your stream online as we cannot upload the data without a connection.
In this case, we would still operate the equipment in the hope that the network regains coverage during the ceremony (as network down times are usually shorter than 5 minutes in duration); AND record the ceremony at the same time. We then upload the recording to your Live-Stream page for your viewers to watch at their leisure, usually within 4-6 hours of the ceremony completion.

Failure of our Equipment
Where we are providing onsite set up and pack down, we have a backup set of equipment in the case of Failure.

Failure of the Watch My Wedding website
Your Stream page is located on our Watch My Wedding website. This page is hosted on two separate servers in order to have a backup alternative at the ready in case of a website system outage. In the case of our site going down, we can implement a redirect to push your viewers to an alternate webpage to view your stream.

Failure of our Streaming Server
Your Stream is managed by a separate Server which also has a 99.99% up time. If this server fails we continue to record your ceremony and upload it after the ceremony is completed, so your guests can watch an online replay.