Yes, when we provide you with a recording of your ceremony on USB, the file is saved as an MP4. That means you can open and edit it in most video editing applications including iMovie.
There are so many technological solutions out there these days, and you can certainly broadcast your wedding using an App on a tablet or smartphone. There’s a few things to be aware of though, which you won’t need to think about with Watch My Wedding:
  • What data carrier will you use? Each one has its perks and its downfalls. Our service however, automatically chooses the best network upon set up.
  • You’ll need to ensure your device has enough battery to last the day
  • You’ll need to have any “extra” components to secure your device in a suitable upright position.
  • Audio quality - mobile phones don’t have great microphones for capturing voices at a distance. You’ll probably want to buy/hire external microphone for the best sound quality.
  • Data transmission – you’ll need to check that your device has reception, and is consistent enough so that your transmission doesn’t ‘hang’ or ‘stutter’ midway through your vows (the software onboard our Streaming Units has been written to buffer a substantial quantity of data to avoid this).
  • Will the startup of another App on your device interrupt the broadcast? For example, if it’s a mobile phone, make sure nobody calls your phone or it will very likely interrupt the stream!
  • Will the App crash? It does happen.
  • Do you have enough data to stream the wedding and ceremony on your plan? You’ll need at least a gigabyte to stream a wedding ceremony.
  • What happens if your device gets wet, broken, stolen, or just forgotten?
  • How does the stream arrive to your e-guests? Are they going to be savvy enough to sign up to the site you are casting to?
  • Will the cast work on multiple devices and desktop computers?
We know some wedding ceremonies are longer than others, which is why we offer two different options. Our Standard Package includes up to 1.5 hours of consecutive live broadcasting, while the Premium Package includes up to 2.5 hours consecutive live streaming.
We can make your wedding Stream available for 7 days after your big day for an additional fee – just select this option when booking. You can also choose to have a copy of the recording sent to you on a USB drive immediately after your big day. Again, you’ll just need to select this option when booking.
Yes – you can stream your wedding to the internet as long as there is 3G mobile coverage. The unit is entirely self contained with it's own internet connection and battery - but remember that the device is not waterproof, so it can't be placed in a wet area (for example in a garden after it has rained).
We suggest reserving your Streaming Unit at least 3-4 months out from your wedding. You can secure a booking for just $100NZD using our online booking form. For bookings with less time than this, please contact us directly to check unit availability.
Your e-guests can watch your wedding using most desktop computers, smart phones or tablet devices. We recommend your e-guests visit your unique Streaming page before the wedding is to start, so they can check to see if the stream will work for them. At this stage, a small number of people may be prompted to install Flash, and a very small number of people using devices older than 5 years may not be able to view the stream at all.
All you need is access to 3G mobile coverage and Watch My Wedding! We arrive at your wedding 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to set up. We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about a thing. We recommend you check 3G mobile coverage at the venue/s before your big day to avoid disappointment.
Yes, if your wedding is 2-3 months away, you can reserve a live broadcast for your special day with a NZD$100 deposit using our Enquiry form.
The streaming unit has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. There's just one button to push, and your wedding is streaming. If you don't think you, or any one of your guests can do this on the day, let our technical support team take care of everything - we can arrive on location 30 minutes before the start of your wedding in order to set up the stream (additional charges apply).
If you cancel your Streaming Booking 60 days prior to the wedding date, we will refund 100% of the Booking Fee. See our Terms and Conditions page for more details.
Our Basic Package includes up to 25 e-guests; while our Premium Package includes up to 50. We can cater for additional guests - simply let us know when you complete our online Enquiry form.