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About our live-streaming service

Our live-streaming service features hardware and software specially designed to cater for New Zealand’s wedding market.

We know that there are no ‘second-chances’ when it comes to live-streaming, so we have invested the time into making a solution that just works.

Technical Details

  • Our live-streams are broadcast over a mobile data connection, allowing them to work wherever there is 3G mobile coverage. This makes it perfect for use in remote or outdoor areas.
  • Our equipment has THREE inbuilt data connections (Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees), and it chooses the strongest one available to stream your wedding. This results in the best quality upload available, plus you are covered if one of the networks goes down on your big day.
  • The combination of our specially designed hardware and our unique compression algorithm enables us to upload extremely small, yet high quality footage even in remote areas with limited data connectivity.

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Watching the Stream

When you live-stream your wedding with Watch My Wedding, it is broadcast to a private page on our website that only you and your friends know about. Unlike many live-streaming apps, no one else will be watching your wedding.

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The stream can be viewed on most smart phones, tablets, and computers – all the person needs is an internet connection. They will view the wedding in their internet browser software – so they won’t have to download any special software, or set up any accounts to watch your big day.

You can request a copy of the stream to be sent out to you on USB after the event, and you can also request that a recording of the stream stay live to watch on our website for 7 days.


TIP: How to live-stream your wedding

Whether or not you choose to use Watch My Wedding to live-stream your ceremony, you might still find our article on live-streaming helpful. In it, we run you through a few aspects of live-streaming, including how to protect your guests’ privacy and deciding where to position your camera.

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