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About our live-streaming service

Our live-streaming service features hardware and software specially designed to cater for New Zealand’s wedding market.

We know that there are no ‘second-chances’ when it comes to live-streaming, so we have invested the time into making a solution that just works.

Technical Details

  • Our live-streams are broadcast over a mobile data connection, allowing them to work wherever there is 3G mobile coverage. This makes it perfect for use in remote areas.
  • The device automatically connects to the strongest data provider (Spark, Vodafone or 2degrees). This ensures the strongest data connection possible for your stream – resulting in the best quality stream for viewers. Best of all, if one network goes down on your big day, we can still connect to another.
  • Our custom compression algorithm adaptively compresses your live-stream according to the strength of the data connection available. This results in a smooth video for your guests at home, even if the mobile signal is poor.

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About the Stream

When you live-stream your wedding with Watch My Wedding, it is broadcast to a unique page on our website that only you and your friends know about. Unlike many live-streaming apps, no one else will be watching your wedding.

The stream can be viewed on most smart phones, tablets, and computers – all the person needs is an internet connection. They will view the wedding in their internet browser software – so they won’t have to download any special software, or set up any accounts to watch your big day.

You can request a copy of the stream to be sent out to you on USB after the event, and you can also request that a recording of the stream stay live to watch on our website for 7 days.


TIP: How to live-stream your wedding

Whether or not you choose to use Watch My Wedding to live-stream your ceremony, you might still find our article on live-streaming helpful. In it, we run you through a few aspects of live-streaming, including how to protect your guests’ privacy and deciding where to position your camera.

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